A reflection on Personal Development in IT field

As IT professionals our major goal is to become successful in the areas of IT in which we have chosen to specialize in. You are asked to conduct Internet research in these areas of specialization in terms of skills required, available opportunities, salaries, promotions, etc. In light of what you have accomplished in your field, you are asked to design a short term plan (2-3 years) that you can put in place to ensure your success in your profession. You may opt to list and describe the specific items that you believe must be completed in order to achieve your professional goals.

As always, make sure there is a connection between what you are sharing and the review of the literature. In this way, your reader can validate what you have researched. Also, be sure to apply APA style.

Core requirements,

Whats position you working on? – System Analyst

What position you wants to achieve in 2-3 years? Senior System Analyst/ Data Analyst or you can pick the position which you prefer best and write down about it.

what are the steps you want to follow to achieve your goal.

any role model?

3-4 pages minimum high quality along with APA standard

References needed

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