Each year nearly one billion seats are filled on U.S Airlines. That means that with a U.S population of over 300 million, the average person will occupy three seats per year.

  • Visit the websites of at least three major carriers in the U.S (American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, etc.).
  • Locate the company’s Annual Report, also known as the 10K Report, for each airline, then review the “Risk Factors.”
  • Finally, locate the technology section of the report.

Write a paper of approximately 750 words that addresses the following:

  • Should Information Systems be at the forefront of all business decisions? Why or why not? (consider ticketing, baggage, airline food and beverage, etc.).
  • What can airlines do to improve the customer experience using IT?
  • Explain how you would use IT to decrease wait times at TSA security lines.
  • How can you use technology to improve passenger flow from curbside to the gate without compromising security?
  • Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines
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