Analyzing the objects of our affection

Unit 2: Analyzing the objects of our affection


“What bothers me about the mall is its silence, a silence we mostly live in nowadays; what cheers me are the ways people are learning to read the silence histories of objects and choosing the objects that still sing.” –Rebecca Solnit, The silence of the lambs wool cardigans

Permitted Sources:· Almost Human: How R3D2 became the most beloved robot in the galaxy (Smithsonian, 2014)

· The silence of the lambswool cardigans (Alternet)

· Sherry Turkle, A passion for objects: How science is fueled by an attachment to things (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011)

· Optional: One additional source specific to your object

In Unit 1, we attempted to define our relationship to our education by placing ourselves somewhere on a continuum between being an intrinsic and extrinsic learner. Along with way, many of us created new concepts (identified by new terms such as multicultural learner) that offers a nuanced and complex analyses of how we relate to and think about past, present, and future of international study abroad programs.

Now we’ll turn our attention to the ways that we, as international students, act and interact with technology .

For your second essay, you will produce an analysis of one specific technological object, and the object that you choose should be something for which you have affection. Your task is to make visible (and therefore readable-> heard) the “silent history” of your object. As part of your analysis, you will explore the ways in which this silent history impacts your relationship to the object: Does the history complicate your affection for this object? (How) does its history cause you to reevaluate your relationship to it? An ultimately, so what?

To prepare the first draft of this analytical essay (2 full-3 pages, double-spaced) and presentation, you will extend the physical descriptions prepared in Prompts 5 and 6 to explain the possible significance this object has in terms of a larger concern–personal, social, aesthetic, economic, moral, ethical, and so on–or any combination of these. Focus on how your understanding of the object’s significance comes through your interactions with and experience of the object. Lastly, connect your analysis to one or more of the unit readings (Adapted from Crouse).

Unit 2: 500+ Word Prompts

Prompt 1: Identify one piece of technology that you own and have affection for (we might use the term ‘love,’ as in, ‘I totes love my iPhone.” Why do you like this thing so much? (Dig deeper: Would you use the word love? If you do, what do you mean by that?)

Prompt 2 (Data gathering): Write a description of the object you’ve chosen. Your description should convey the object’s physical properties without relying on evaluative terms (such as “good,” “helpful,” “expensive,” etc.)

Prompt 3 (Data gathering): How do you experience this object? Without relying on evaluative language, describe your use of this object. How do you use it? Describe the experience. Where, when, and for what purposes?

Prompt 4 (500-1000 words): Write from the perspective of your object.

· What does your object identify as?

· Fill in the blank of the following statements as many times as possible to reveal it’s allegiances and it’s location in a network: I am _______________________.

· Is your object part of a group?

· What forces shape(d) your object’s identification?

· Does you object have any memories?Has your object forgotten anything?

· Does your object keep anything secret of hidden from you?

· What might your object think about your or humans in general? About nature? About other animals? About other objects?

Prompt 1

Robots have become a important factor in doing any activities, like viechle, cleaning service for car, and manufactoring, etc.I really love R2-D2. It is a perfect mix of man and machine with a capability of mimicking almost all what huam can do. This robot has a little stubby body, but he can do everything like a chocolate advertisment : a tiny body contain infinite energy. Designers view R2-D2 as a working example of human that should be used in achieving activities that involve so many repetitive doings. As we know, during the process of producing viechles, there are lots of robot doing one thing day by day instead of labor. We have The characteristic bleeping voice, with wide eyes that clearly indicates how R2-D2 machine deserve recognition by every person . The sophistication of the R2-D2 has actually made it adopted by curators, for instance, curator Carlene preference for this robot greatly implies that R2-D2 has a general acceptability in its design and performance. In fact, Smithsonian has made it a permanent collection because of these characteristics.

I love how the R2-D2. A look at its performance implies a lot about how efficient it is in discharging it functions. Besides, the robot has been applied in so many areas where it continues to play role effectively.  A keen look at the shape of R2-D2 exemplifies why it is admirable. It really looks like an industrial vacuum cleaner. Some of the capabilities may involve how well it defines it activities and the resultant influence it has on it activities. Have you ever imagined how shape and capability can force you to love something? Look, this is what I am talking about. The R2-D2 robot is really admirable as defined by shape and capability.

The fascination I get when we interact with the robot is so enormous that I cannot imagine my life without such a machine R2-D2 is more human, with an ability to perceive and interact with man in the most cordial way ever attained by any other robotic machine. It possesses human characteristics that makes it appear more human and adorable. For example, R2-D2 has a strong sense of humor blended with equal measure of relationships with human. It is friendly with ability to make reasonable feature of beauty. The R2-D2 is equally brave, with an ability to plunge into a bruising laser-gun with an aim of salvaging its colleagues. At no time shall it relent. It can bump on a fight without fear if it realizes that its affectionate comrade is in danger.

Even the bleep and bloop sound that is created by Ben Burt has a capability of avoiding any form of uncanny and unreasonable interference.  The R2-D2 has it structures designed to move intermittently. The eyes can move side to side, the jaws, which of course are artificial, can move up and down as if eating. Can you imagine a human chewing some grains? This is how admirable the robot looks lie. Just like man can move a rosary to a move as if to kiss it, so is the robot. Surely the robot has a plum resemblance to man. I live to admire and adore the beauty that it has. Even people have adopted them to help them in doing domestic chores. People give them names that portray their brevity, beauty and love that they have for them.



In human imaginations and inventions robots come in different size, functions and different appearances. From robots used in manufacturing to weird robotic imitation of humans, robots are really diverse. There is however the robot R2-D2 which has its irreplaceable place in people’s head. Its unique physical properties give it a lot of usage.

The appearance of the robot is distinctive from humans. The rotatable head is the shape of a semi sphere. The enormous lens acts as his eyes. And a speaker with a red dot light is his mouth. He observes visual information through his lens and processes the information in his head. Like most of the robot it is made of sophisticated combination of micro-machines. Under the strong metal cover of its cylinder body, there are tightly packed wirings. The three feet branch out the bottom of the body make it able to mobilize in complicated landscapes. There are also wheels on the bottom of its legs that make it move faster on flat ground.

Many of the R2-D2 is hidden under the cover. On its round head there is a periscope that can be used to spy with visual feed without the risk of being shot. There is a strong clasper arm that enables it to tightly hold on to object. A head rotation ring beneath it head makes it able to rotate its head there for gain additional sight. On it enormous body there is a data card input slot that can take digital data card and read its data. Beneath that there are two short arms has many different tools on the end, light torch for example. There are also two jets on two sides of the body, making it capable of flying for short distance. Near the bottom of its body there is a holographic projector that can use as a mode of communication.

The robot R2-D2 is the kind of robot called droid that is designed to serve as mechanic in spaceships. It intelligence makes it suitable for the job. The logic center is behind his lens eye; just like the brain behind human’s eyes, the logic center take visual and audio information and access them and make actions indicating the situation. Thought it can’t speak, the beeping from its speaker express that it has something to say, other robots and the characters of Star Wars can tell what he is trying to express. The light on his speaker changes color to green or red to indicate different mood. In a dangerous situation, R2-D2 can calmly think of plans to save everyone. It has in fact in every Star War movie saved other characters with its special abilities. R2-D2 also has the intelligence to break codes and take control of other computers on its own.

The fact that R2- D2’s physical characteristics are distinctive from human has attracted it many adorers. Its intelligence and bravery make it a good companion in a Star War universe where many dangers are lurking behind.

Prompt 3

R2-D2 is an intelligent navigating robot used in the Star War movies. It is one of the most versatile robots in the different robot in the Star War. Its little round body contains many different tools that accomplish all kinds of tasks. Through out the whole Star War series, the characters used R2-D2’s unique abilities to get out of dangerous situations.

As a robot designed to be the mechanic of a space ship, R2-D2’s first function is to repair. When a mechanic difficulty is face, it can either link itself to the machine to find out the source or use the scan located on his lens to see a x-ray image of the wirings and figure out the issue. When the issue is located the two arms in the middle of his body will be the main tools that it uses to fix the machines. The two arms can change into things like blowtorch, ranches or other things; make it suitable for most situations. In The Clone Wars episode R2-D2 repaired a numbers of combat robots. While he was fixing them, he changed the programing of the robots to use them at its advantage.

Another usage of R2-D2 is programing and hacking. R2-D2 has a complex mechanism of intelligence, unlike other similar droids; its memory doesn’t get erased in certain period, so it has an accumulation of data and it evolves itself on intelligence. In The Clone Wars episode, he had a self-made plan to take control of the combat robots, and had the proper program to break other robot’s program and rewrite them to help it fight the former owners of the combat robots. And in The Empire Strikes Back episode, “R2 overrides the security systems to the docking bay door in Cloud City to help them escape, and eventually save Luke before he falls to his death”(Geek R2-D2’s ability to hack helped the characters get through places many times.

Travelling through the vest universe you will always need something to navigate you and give you information all the time; the next usage of R2-D2 is Receive and store messages. Whenever the main characters demands a map of the planet they are in, R2-D2 can project a 3D hologram of the planet, through the visual feed, main characters can easily find the place they need to go. R2-D2 received a message of Luke’s dad that tell Luke what is going with the death star’s deadly weapon, with that message, Luke and friends are able to unutilized the weapon and save the day. Also he is able to store information for a very long time, “Abrams reveals that R2 retrieved the temple data from scanning the Empire’s mainframe when he was looking for the princess in Episode IV”( R2-D2 store a map from many years ago and finally made it useful.

As the movie series progress, more and more usage of R2-D2 is revealed, and I believe R2-D2 still have many undiscovered ability that will surprise me.

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