Annotated Bibliography (Final)

  1. Revise your three annotated bibliography entries based on my feedback
  2. Add two more annotated bibliography entries for articles you have found through your research and used in your research paper
  3. Your annotations should be approximately 150-200 words each
  4. Use MLA format, include a title, and put all five works cited entries + annotations on one MLA-formatted document
  5. Use the correct format for your entries, and alphabetize them according to the authors’ last names. Use the Peer Review sheet as a guide for what your entries should look like
  6. Review the Annotated Bibliography PPT and view the lecture:  to remember what needs to be included in each annotation
  7. Post on Canvas before 10:00am on Friday (6/5)

Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct effective library research and identify credible sources
  • Accurately summarize the main ideas of a source and present the summary in an academic style
  • Critically analyze the value and relevance of each source
  • Format each annotated bibliography entry according to MLA

Grading Criteria:

  • Accurate and precise representation of main ideas
  • Analysis of the value and relevance of each source is specific and focused
  • Works Cited entries are correctly formatted according to MLA and are alphabetized
  • Annotated bibliography is written in a concise and academic style (e.g. reporting verb structures)
  • Writing is coherent and flows well
  • The writer uses appropriate vocabulary, phrases ideas clearly, and varies sentence structure effectively
  • The assignment is well-edited for grammar, with few basic errors with nouns and verbs
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