Are there gender, race, or age implications related to the work system?

Topic: Malaysian Woman

Your interview will focus on identifying the question:

Does the United States adequately accommodate their native culture without compromising their innate cultural, beliefs and social behavior? How can communication improve cultural understanding?

Your interview should explore issues such as cultural region, communication, family, religion, travel, food, language, time, power distance, proximity, artifacts, symbols and economics. You should identify the major challenges they have experienced in adapting to U.S. culture.


What is your cultural background? Tell me about the history of your culture?

Does your family celebrate certain traditions?

What foods are unique to your culture?

Are there forms of artistic expression unique to your culture?

What is the educational system like?

What is the economic and work system like?

Are there gender, race, or age implications related to the work system?

What is the customary family structure of your native culture?

Part 2:

Based on your interview, you will write a term paper 3-5 page in length; typed on 8 1/2 x 11 papers; double spaced; and includes a title page, citations, and resources using APA format. The paper cannot include everything that you learned from the interview, so you must select the ideas, information, and quotations from the interview to make an interesting and coherent paper. Like any paper, you should have an introductory thesis, a descriptive narrative, and a conclusion. You must include in the paper the following:

  1. A thesis that presents your reasoned position on the findings of the project (i.e. how well the U.S. is accommodating to your subject’s cultural differences)

  2. Some reflection on how your subject’s cultural experience differs from your own cultural experience (i.e. In-group / out group).

  3. A brief analysis of the social implications of your findings. What has this interview taught you about the way society works in the United States?

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