Associates capstone in accounting

You reviewed how to create a simple outline in the Reading area. This is a skill most often used when creating a report with many sections or organizing a project. Just think of how useful outlining would be for creating an annual report for instance.

You now have the opportunity to apply what you have understood regarding the outline to the creation of a final project outline.


Prepare a final detailed outline of your final project Assignment. Remember, the structure for the paper is as follows:

Coversheet: Includes title, submission date, and name

Executive Summary: Overview of your findings



Finance and Accounting

Financial Statements

Problem Solving

The Coversheetshould contain the title of your report, the date of submission, and your name. The Executive Summaryshould provide an overview of your findings. After the Executive Summary, you will explore the five different areas of Tim’s business. For each of these areas, you will provide a detailed report that contains a title, all of the issues (problems) found within the section and how you propose to Mike to correct the issues.

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