No cover page or heading necessary. Do not double space. These are discussion questions for social psych course. A) Analyze two significant relationships in your life (either friendships or romantic relationships) using the material in Chapter 11. Include at least 3 underlined terms for each relationship. How well do the concepts fit and explain each relationship? Chapter 11 covers Attraction and Intimacy. terms in the chapter are as follows: -need to belong -insecure attachment -proximity -equity -mere exposure -self disclosure -matching phenomenon -disclosure reciprocity -physical attractiveness stereotype – avoidant attachment -complementarily – secure attachment -ingratiation – compassionate love -reward theory attraction – two factor theory of emotion -passionate love B) Refer to the video on Social Ostracism. Have you ever experienced feeling ostracized? Describe your experience, how you felt, and how you reacted (if you haven’t experienced it, describe the experience of someone you know or observed). Based on your own experience and what you’ve read, do you think ostracism is linked to antisocial/criminal behavior (e.g. school shootings), and how?

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