Basic Composition Skills

WCSS 6051: Graduate Writing I – Basic Composition Skills

WCSS/6051 Week 1 Assignment 2 Writer’s Self-Assessment

Writer’s Self-Assessment

To prepare for this Assignment:

In addition to addressing specific issues covered in the Discussion, consider writing feedback you received from other sources, such as Instructors or faculty members or writing assessments. Consider any specific issues, problems, concerns, and strengths. Use the Learning Resources for this week to guide you through your reflection.

The Assignment:

Compose a 2-to-3-paragraph reflective essay that examines your experiences with writing. Use the information in the “Writer’s Self-Assessment Checklist” document as a starting point but also consider feedback obtained from Instructors and other sources. You may choose to do any of the following:

· Explain in detail any specific issues, problems, or concerns in your writing. Include specific examples. This is your opportunity to let the instructor know the types of issues you would like to address during the class.

· Explain the strengths in your writing and why you believe these to be your strengths.

· Describe any guidance or help found in the Learning Resources to address your writing concerns.

· Briefly describe several actions you might use to further develop your scholarly writing.

Submit your Assignment using Walden’s APA Course Paper Template by Day 7.

WCSS6051 Week 1 Discussion Your Experiences With Writing

For this Discussion, you will explore the various resources and guidelines outlining an effective writing process and some common writing issues. You will also review the current state of your writing skills and share thoughts and experiences with your colleagues.

This Discussion will also be used to help tailor the individualized feedback provided by your Instructor throughout the duration of the course.

To prepare for this Discussion

· Review and complete the Self-Assessment found in the Learning Resources to develop your needs and goals for this course.

· Reflect on your writing and identify two to three specific areas of concern about your writing that you would like to address.

· Also, consider any particular writing strengths or strategies that may support your writing.

Post by Day 3 a 1-to-2-paragraph reflection on your writing needs, identifying at least one specific writing issue you want to address in this class. You may also include any writing strengths or strategies that may support your writing.

WCSS6051: Graduate Writing I: Basic Composition Skills

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