Belletristic rhetoric

I need an essay writing for me. The basis of the essay is belletristic rhetoric what is based off an article “The Standard of Taste”. I have the main idea of what I need and wanted to talk about. It will be in the attached file. Please let me know if this is possible for you to do.

For the essay I decided to pick the fourth prompt, in The Standard of Taste, David Hume gives suggestions on how to improve one’s standard of taste. A person can become more or less an expert in a given field in order to enhance their persuasive ability by applying the main points of belletristic rhetoric, taste, property, and sublime. Within this, there are five major points to focus on as well, the delicacy of taste or practice, attention, comparison, no prejudice, and good sense. With all this being said I will expand on these ideas and how they play into each other.


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