Case Study Paper

I have uploaded a picture of the case, a case analysis paper already written on the case, and a teacher note on the case to help you answer the following questions:

1. The Mueller-O���Keefe Memorial Home and Retirement Village does not currently have a written mission statement, although it is said that everyone knows what it is. In your opinion, is a mission statement needed? Why or why not? How does the religion of the majority of the board members affect the way the Home is run? If applicable, how can a mission statement benefit the organization with regards to planning, development, and achievement?

2. Mr. Polk believes that growth should not be obtained through debt. Instead, he would like to know how the home might best use their available funds to meet the needs of their community. In order to expand on the home���s services, how should funding be used to improve service and care? If you feel this is not realistic, what other funding sources could be used?

3. What can be done to improve organizational structure, reporting, and communication within this organization? What other management leaders are needed? Is it wise to expand Mueller-O���Keefe without fixing the management infrastructure? Why or why not?

4. Should Mueller-O��� Keefe increase their pricing to be in line with the pricing of other facilities? Are lower pricing options attracting people to the facility, and in turn, increasing the demand artificially? What lies in the future for the facility if financial practices continue as they are? How would you make the resident living and other plans introduced for onsite living homes sustainable?

5. Considering that this is the long-range planning committee, which of Cantwell���s options do you think would be most beneficial to the CCRC and why? Which has the least chance of being accepted by the committee and why? How do you feel about Cantwell���s analysis on what units should be expanded? In this case, what is meant by ���seat of the pants��� decision making? If a consensus is not reached regarding strategic planning and guidance for the future, what are some potential drawbacks that the organization may face?

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