Centers for Didease Control Order

1.     Centers for Disease Control Order

Centers for Disease Control Order

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Please review the readings below about the March 20th CDC order, based on the 1944 Public Health Service Act – restricting population movement as part of a public health measure. Please answer the following questions:

(1). What are the main policy provisions/regulations under the March 20th order, and how do they contribute to mitigating the pandemic?

(2). What are the main human rights violations? How is this new policy aligning with current public health laws and immigration laws?

(3). How are the wider policy implications for asylum seekers, including child migrants? Under a human rights approach, what protection mechanisms could be claimed/put in place?

Please post your answers on the discussion board, to share with your peers. Make sure you also contribute/comment to at least two other posts.

Migrants and the COVID-19 Pandemic:

CDC order/March 20, 2020:

CDC order extended:

Impact on migrants at the Southern Border:

Human rights Watch:

Impact on unaccompanied minors:


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