clarify the potential challenges in the process of collaboration in the public school setting

Proactive Problem-Solving

Your written response to this assignment assesses your ability to (a) summarize effective methods to communicate with all stakeholders, considering their individual interests, priorities, and cultural differences for programming of students with disabilities, (b) clarify the potential challenges in the process of collaboration in the public school setting, and (c) critique proactive methods for interactive and effective communication with those of differing perspectives.

Using support from your assigned reading, the Instructor Guidance, and the discussions, submit the following for evaluation. When creating your written assignment, use the guidelines found below. If you have questions about the assignment or the rubric, please contact your instructor using the “Ask Your Instructor” discussion before the due date.

To prepare for this assignment, begin by watching the Rauscher (2014) video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to see a role-playing simulation of a Student Success Team (SST) meeting. While this is not an actual meeting, it will give you a basic idea of what an SST looks like, which is often the first step in determining if an assessment needs to be initiated for a Special Education placement. After viewing the video, write a two to three page essay that addresses the following:

  • Effective Collaboration (2.5 points): Describe how the members of the SST are communicating effectively in a collaborative way, using at least three specific examples from the video (the names of the participants are listed below).
  • Challenges and Solutions (2 points): Explain at least two potential challenges that could take place in this type of team collaboration and identify possible solutions for overcoming these challenges.
  • Problem-Solving Strategies (2 points): This meeting is very calm and everyone appears to agree. However, this is not typically the case. Describe at least three proactive problem-solving strategies that special educators can employ when working with a team comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders, such as parents, students, general education teachers, special educator, and other school personnel.

You must also use support from the textbook, at least one outside source, the video, and any professional experiences, if applicable.

Cast of Video:
Laura Wetmore: Special Education Teacher (not currently teaching Jonah)
Mike Ivan: Jonah’s Geometry Teacher
Kristen Harke: Administrator
Martin Zschoche: Jonah’s Father
Justin Hannahs: Jonah’s History Teacher (referred Jonah)
Mark Rauscher: Jonah’s Guidance Counselor

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