Correct the following sentences so that they are politically correct:

Correct the following sentences so that they are politically correct:

  1. A doctor will need to have his insurance renewed annually.

  2. From the beginning of time, mankind used horses in one way or another.

  3. While a teenager is developing, he tends to want to challenge people in positions of authority.

  4. He’s an African‐American who has an accurate understanding of American business matters.

  5. Any man would want to see the real proof.

  6. Employees are welcome to bring their wives to the dinner.

  7. For an older man, he’s pretty quick to guess the answer.

  8. An attorney can express her dissatisfaction with the ruling to the court’s attorney.

  9. The pilot should push the emergency button when he begins to feel turbulence.

  10. For a German, she’s pretty accepting of other cultures.

write the following sentences more concisely.

1.Food, shelter, and fire will be needed by everyone on the island. Therefore, I will search over and over the island until I find the materials that are needed to build or make these three necessary items.

  1. In this day and age in the world in which we live, we face enormously large economic problems.

  2. There is a state in the United States, that is, Maryland, which was named for Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I of England, who was the king of England and who ruled until 1649.

  3. Most eye-catching advertisements in magazines attract the reader’s attention with designs that are bold and colors that are bright


  1. There are usually research assistants at major universities to help and assist professors to do a large number of research projects.

  2. If I were deserted on a desert island, I am sure that I would be capable of surviving.

7.Bonnie is one of the most intelligent people I know, and she is able to think and perform well under stressful conditions.

  1. A good amount of friends would be great to have on a stranded island. This will help bring variety to the island. True friends are always important to have in a crisis as extreme as being deserted on an island.

  2. My logical thinking and sense of organization probably stemmed from the fact that my younger sister is severely accident prone. Almost six months ago, my sister was playing in the kitchen and accidentally fell over a kitchen chair and smashed her face on the ceramic tile floor. It was impossible for me to panic in situations where she was severely hurt and scared.

  3. To overcome the common desire for comfort felt when put in a survival situation, a person should adapt their ideas of comfort. Although comfort is nice, it is not essential to survival. Avoiding the second danger of survival, the passive outlook, a person should be aware of the factors that can bring it on.

  4. I find leadership that is something that is present in my personality.

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