Course Task

Coursework Four


Content Analysis


Choose a text*relevant to your research and conduct a content analysis using the any one of the qualitative tools we have discussed on the module:


  • discourse analysis
  • visual analysis(notably: this includes semiotics analysis, signifiers, signified=> explanation can be found in the “Topic briefly” file)
  • interview/conversation analysis
  • ethnographic analysis



Paying close attention to content and form of the text, write a 2000 word analysis of how it contributes to your research question. In doing so, make certain to describe:


(a) thetext and justify your choice(why you have chosen it)


(b) the analytical tool you will use and justify your choice (for example if you are using a discourse analysis the explain why are you suing such analysis and explain why is it the most appropriate tool)


(c) the ‘context’ within which this text exists (that is explaining the general contextthat the text comes out of it and exists)


(d) the specific critical components that provide information about, or give meaning to the text

(that is a description of a the language that provides information or gives meaning to the text)


(f) how the text responds to your research question (that is the topic)


*For the text I am using a comic image (I have attached it). My general topic is : Exploring CSR: an investigation of various perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility concept. I have also had a coursework (literature review) regarding this topic, which I have attached as well. Such coursework might help you to understand the topic.



Some sort of a template/examplecan be seen in the article by:


Katy Day , Brendan Gough & Majella McFadden (2004) “Warning! alcohol

can seriously damage your feminine health”, Feminist Media Studies, 4:2, 165-183.


While the focus for this assignment is primarily the text itself, your analysis must be grounded in relevant academic literature (15-20 academic sources)


Also, in the introduction is veryto convince why the topic is important.



Additional Guidelines:




  • Essay should be 2,000 words in length (not including the references at the end) and should be Word processed. You should follow the Harvard style of referencing.


  • It should include Harvard style in-text references for all cited works, and a bibliography at the end of the text;


  • Your essay should have different paragraphs (that should be named)


  • Make sure you provide evidence for any assertions you make. For example:  When you state that bright offices make workers happier, then you need to provide evidence for this assertions, e.g. from an academic paper, sources of statistics etc
  • It should be spellchecked and grammar-checked;
  • It should be original work, which has not been submitted on any other modules/courses. It will be checked against Plagiarism.
  • Please include page numbers as well as title page in your work









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