Critical Issues in Health Care Management

HSC305 Critical Issues in Health Care Management

#1: Cultural Competency Education 16-18 powerpoint slides (not including intro and reference slides), APA, Due Date: 02-JUL-2017

#2: The Healthy People 2020 Preparedness Objective, 3-4 pages, APA, Due Date: 16-JUL-2017

#3: Analyzing the Regulatory Impacts of Health Care Reform, 2-4 pages, APA, Due Date: 30-JUL-2017

#4: Op Ed- Resolving Critical Issues in Health Care, 750-800 words, APA, Due Date: 13-AUG-2017

HSC312 Ethics of Health Care

#5: Journal Assignment -15 item Moral Instinct Survey, Due Date: 30-JUN-2017

#6: Journal Assignment- What are your Ethical Wishes, Due Date: 02-JUL-2017

#7: Dax Cowart Case Analysis, Due Date: 09-JUL-2017

#8: Case Analysis – Terry Schiavo, Due Date: 23-JUL-2017

#9: Bioethics OP-ED Article Assignment, Due Date: 06-AUG-2017

#10: Journal Reflection, Due Date: 13-AUG-2017

BUS351 Marketing Concepts and Application

#11: Marketing Plan: Select A Template, APA, Due Date: 02-JUL-2017

#12: Marketing Plan: 4Ps/7Ps and PLC, Due Date: 09-JUL-2017

#13: Marketing Plan: Consumer and Business Markets, APA, Due Date: 16-JUL-2017

#14: Marketing Plan: Market Segmentation, APA, Due Date: 23-JUL-2017

#15: Marketing Plan: SWOT Analysis, Due Date: 30-JUL-2017

#16: Marketing Plan: Putting it Together, Due Date: 06-AUG-2017

#17: Marketing Plan: Final Plan, Due Date: 13-AUG-2017
SOC465 Social Science Research

#18: Lab 1: Protecting Human Research Participants, Due Date: 02-JUL-2017

#19: Lab 2: Classical Experiment, Due Date: 16-JUL-2017

#20: Lab 3: Self-Administered Mail Survey, Due Date: 23-JUL-2017

#21: Final Project Topic, Due Date: 23-JUL-2017

#22: Submit Research Proposal Update, Due Date: 06-AUG-2017

#23: Lab 4: Quantitative Data Analysis, Due Date: 06-AUG-2017

#24: Final Project: Research Proposal, Due Date: 06-AUG-2017

#25: Final Project: Submission, Due Date: 13-AUG-2017
#1: Cultural Competency Education 16-18 powerpoint slides (not including introducation and reference slides), APA, Due Date: 02-JUL-2017
You are the Director of the Physician Resident Program at the local teaching hospital; it is your responsibility to ensure that the new class of Resident Doctors are knowledgeable about the institution’s cultural competency program.  Your task is to create a PowerPoint Presentation on Cultural Competency for use during the orientation for the incoming Residents.
Create a 16-18 slide show presentation that addresses the following:
(slide count does not include the Introduction & Reference slides)
Define Cultural Competent Medicine (CCM)
Explain the significance in the context of health disparities
Explain the goals of being a culturally competent health care organization
Present at least four methods of culturally competent interactions with patients
Explain how each method can improve the relationship between provider & patient and what impact that has on health outcomes.
Explain how CCM may be one solution to reducing health disparities
Your presentation must include the following components:
Be colorful
Have graphics
Be easy to read (i.e. not too much writing/information on a slide)
Include talking points in the notes section of each slide
Include audio and video clips.
#2: The Healthy People 2020 Preparedness Objective, 3-4 pages, APA, Due Date: 16-JUL-2017
For this assignment you will write a 3-4 page APA 6th edition formatted paper explaining the key points of the Preparedness Objective and providing your assessment of the nation’s progress at achieving this goal.
Using the Healthy People 2020 website as your main resource address the following:
Overview and goal of the preparedness objective
Synopsis of the key points –grouping like key points together
Your assessment of the overall progress in meeting the preparedness objective
Identify 1 priority area and discuss how it affects public health entities preparedness and delivery of quality care.
Your paper should be in APA 6th edition essay format.

#3: Analyzing the Regulatory Impacts of Health Care Reform, 2-4 pages, APA, Due Date: 30-JUL-2017
Health care reform is bringing about tremendous changes in how health care operates. Regulatory oversight will see significant changes. In this short written assignment, you will explore regulatory changes on a health care service sector of your choosing.
Choose from one of the following health service sectors and write an essay based on the questions that follow.
Long term care facility
Radiology or laboratory services
Outpatient practice
Home health care or hospice/palliative care
Public health agency
State/local health department
Veterans Administration facility
Respond to the following questions in essay format:
In no more than 2-3 sentences, describe the service sector you have chosen.
Which oversight entities have the most impact or influence on this type of health care organization’s structure, service delivery, and day-to-day operations? Be sure to include both governmental/funding and accrediting regulatory bodies.
Describe, at least 2 regulatory impacts that health care reform will have on your chosen sector. These do not have to be associated with The Affordable Care Act; any health care reform law / policy changes are acceptable.
Briefly describe any ethical considerations to the impacts you have described.
Choose one of the impacts you are focusing on and discuss how health care managers can assist organizations in preparing for implementation.

#4: Op Ed- Resolving Critical Issues in Health Care, 750-800 words, APA, Due Date: 13-AUG-2017
Write a persuasive letter to be published to a professional journal justifying the solution you propose for that issue. Write the letter as if you are a health care manager in a health care organization of your choosing, to an audience of health professionals.
The APA formatted Op Ed letter should include an introduction, a few paragraphs arguing for your proposition, and a strong closing statement. Closely follow the guidelines in the required reading document How to Write an Op Ed and Letter to the Editor
Address the letter directly to the audience of health professionals.
Introduce yourself as a health care manager and explain what type of health organization you represent.
Frame and define the issue. Your letter should reflect to the audience that you are well-versed in the history and background of the issue, know the stakeholders involved, and use language that represents you are knowledgeable in critical issues of health care.

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