Current Event Reports

Current Event Reports: Current Even Report is due during the semester. The report is worth 20 points. These report must be typed, double spaced, using font size 12, one inch margins (i.e., standard Microsoft

Word default margin settings), properly referenced (e.g., MLA or APA style), and checked for grammar and

spelling. Handwritten report is not accepted. The report should be at least three (3) typed pages in length

(excluding the cover-sheet and references). The Current Event Report is an individual assignments. Turning in

the same assignment as some other student in class constitutes cheating and will be treated as such. Current

Event Report will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, referencing, and style.

For the report, you are to find three (3) recent news articles, either in print-press (for example: The New York

Times, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, etc.) or online (for example:,,,, etc.) pertaining to some macroeconomic issues of your choice. The

University of Florida Library should have plenty of sources available, if you prefer print journalism. You should

feel free to choose any articles that interest you, pending that they are dealing with macroeconomics. The articles

you chose MUST NOT be more than 20 days old from the due date of the report. Papers using older articles will

automatically be given a grade of 0. If the article does not have a clear publication date, source, author, etc, do

not use it. Blogs of any kind may not be used and would result in a grade of 0. Be careful about this!

The Current Event Report has four (4) components – all 4 components are required for full credit:

  1. Attach a separate typed cover-sheet with your name AND the name of the articles. Not

counted in the three page requirement.

  1. Provide a summary (typed, double spaced, font size 12) of the three articles in your own words (just copying sentences from the article is plagiarism and is NOT

considered a summary). You must also include the full reference information for your articles (i.e., author, source, and date of publication). Note that any reference

information does not count towards the page requirement.

3. Provide an analysis (typed, double spaced, font size 12) of how the three articles relate to the material covered in class. Be sure to address how the tools/concepts discussed in class pertain to your articles and what concepts are illustrated by the articles. Feel free to draw your own conclusions based on what we have talked about in class.

  1. Attach photocopies (or print-outs) of the three articles.

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