Describe and explain trends in income disparity in the US

Week 7 Discussion – Regression Analysis
Find a practical example from business, science or a professional article that discusses regression analysis.
Write a brief report describing this study and how the researcher used this tool to solve this problem and its corresponding positive impact.
Cite from the Article You find per APA 6th
1 page

Title: Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics
Author: Douglas A. Lind, William G., Marchal, Samuel A. Wathen
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Edition/Year: 16th edition/2014
ISBN-13: 978-0-07-802052-0
Optional but recommended
Title: Basic Statistics Using Excel 2010
Author: Ronald Merchant
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Irwin
Edition/Year: 15th Edition/2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-07-754103-3
Week 7 Discussion – Wages
Ultimately wages are determined by a worker’s productivity. For this discussion you will analyze long term trends in U.S. wages. Research income trends in the US and discuss the following:
Describe and explain overall wage trends in the US.
Describe and explain trends in income disparity in the US.
Describe and explain trends in gender income inequality in the US.
A good source of historical income data is
Text: The Macro Economy Today
Author: Schiller, B.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Ed/Year: 13th/2013
ISBN: 9780077416478

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