Describe the three international corporate-level strategies.

  • 1Describe the three international corporate-level strategies.(100 words)
  • 2 Discuss environmental trends affecting the choice of international strategies, particularly international corporate-level strategies. (100 words)
  • 3 Explain the five modes firms use to enter international markets. (100 words)
  • 4 Discuss the two major risks of using international strategies. (100 words)


  • 5Define organizational structure and controls and discuss the difference between strategic and financial controls. (100 words)
  • 6 Describe the relationship between strategy and structure. (100 words)
  • 7Discuss the organizational structures used to implement three international strategies. (100 words)
  • 8 Define strategic networks and discuss how strategic center firms implement such networks at the business, corporate, and international levels. (100 words)
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