Design of new engineering product

Design of new engineering product will be done taking into consideration the customer needs. One mechanical product could be presented and discussed in details and student will work to handle all the project requirements.

This task includes:

Presentation (PPT with voice over)

Final Report

Body of the report


    1. What is the project about and what is your/sponsor’s motivation to select/sponsor the project? Review any prior work in the subject area. What is the state of the art? Who are expected end users? Describe in detail, customer requirements, preliminary specifications, related technology areas, competitive benchmarks, and any related patents. Commenting on the scope of effort involved in general terms. Objectives:
      Describe the project goals and intended functions and features. Carefully state how you have narrowed or broadened the scope of the project based on available time and labor resource. Comment on critical design parameters and what challenges might stand in the way of accomplishing your design objectives. Be ever alert to professional and societal context of the design objectives as it relates to engineering standards, and realistic constraints that include one or more considerations of economics, environment, sustainability, manufacturing, ethics, health and safety, and social and political impact. Make sure your objectives are clear. Clear objectives lead to a clear plan for generating the tasks to accomplish the design goals.

 Design Strategy:

Identify every suggested improvement step in block diagram (a block diagram with multiple blocks – call it ‘super block’) and describe the function of each block briefly and explain how it contributes to the overall design and feature listed in the improvement strategy. Each block in the super block

must be as modular as possible, so that it can be implemented independently and re‐assembled later. Include a discussion on an interface with other blocks of your super block, and with super blocks designed by other teams, as applicable.

Plan of Action:

The plan of action consists of various tasks needed to implement the design strategy. The tasks should be linked to the objectives and the improvement strategy components.

Cost and Schedule
Cost Analysis:
Include a cost of the project based on labor and material, fixed and variable cost. Include a list of parts, lab equipment, shop service, which are not routinely available at no cost basis. Give the estimated cost of any such items.

Itemize total labor costs for all partners, all material cost and cost of specialized lab equipment and shop service and determine the grand total for the project which lead to detailed Break Even Analysis (BEA).

Professional and Societal Considerations:

Describe what professional codes and standards may be relevant for the project. Comment on which of the following considerations may or may not be relevant to your project: economic, environmental, sustainability, manufacturability, ethical, health and safety, social, and political.

check the file below for all the information

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