determine at least two (2) potential technical issues for the implementation of the LMS that you have selected for your organization. Explain your rationale

“Implementing an LMS”  Please respond to the following:

Every LMS has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Many are designed specifically for education, while others are more geared toward delivering and tracking corporate training. Even the most robust LMS may be missing a way to incorporate assets that your organization needs to enhance or augment the learner experience.

  • Using the same scenario from the Week 2 discussion, provide a brief outline of the kinds of assets that your organization needs. Next, determine at least two (2) potential technical issues for the implementation of the LMS that you have selected for your organization. Explain your rationale.

Peer Response

Association of Urban Cities United supports inclusiveness, and academic growth among urban communities.  The organization is creating relationships among different communities.  Different communities in the southern district want to find a more efficient way to communicate. The users that have access will be: administrators, instructors, students, and community sponsors.  There are many assets that need to outlined to choose the correct LMS platform.


  • User friendly platform.  There will be users of all ages accessing information.  LMS should be easy for any individual with or without computer literacy.
  • Organization is mandatory.  The platform will be access to important information concerning several districts.  Classroom information is also private.  Even though the platform is created for communities to share, privacy is vital among different users.
  • Reports have to be generated.  After analyzing several educational organizations, different reports will be created.  These reports will be accessed by administration for growth and revision purposes.
  • LMS has to be social media friendly.  Due to outside sponsors, AUCU will have private promotion on social media outlets.  Also, instructors and students are welcomed and encouraged to join social media groups for personal or class use.
  • Technical Support should be easily accessible to all users.  There has to be a 24/7 technical support for users minor issues.  All other issues have to be answered in a timely fashion, among the same technical support team.

Potential Technical Issues

  • LMS could possibly not be accessible on all devices.  Society is technology driven.  Users may want to login LMS from different devices: tablets, MAC computers, smart phones.  The software has to be compatible with all devices.
  • Security breeches have become common with other internet access points.  User information is confidential and protected.  There are possibilities that individuals who do not have user access may be able to hack accounts.
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