Distinguish between the three (3) following kinds of derived scores:  (a) percentiles; (b) standard scores; (c) developmental scores.

First assignment

Below are the instruction for my first assignment. Keep in mind my state is Texas and seeking to be a mental health counselor. This is a discussion so it doesnt have to be long just explain. 

Research your state regulations(TEXAS) for the license you are seeking  and list what(MENTAL HEALTH), if any, instruments you would be allowed to administer & interpret in  your state. BE SPECIFIC about what your specific role can be with  assessments in your intended setting. Some you might administer but not  interpret, for example. Include your expected license and state in your response. You may need to contact your state licensing board to find where this information is listed or have personal communication with a board representative. Be sure to properly credit all sources of information in your post. Remember other requirements for discussions as stated previously.

Second assignment

Please follow the instructions

Distinguish between the three (3) following kinds of derived scores:  (a) percentiles; (b) standard scores; (c) developmental scores. In your  answer, be sure to explain what each score tells you and how it is different from the other 2 types of scores. Be specific in your response. Your response should be in formal English writing, in APA format  (i.e., title page, double spaced, running head, page #, crediting source  of information, reference page, etc), and be no longer than 2 pages of writing, not counting title page and reference page.  Be sure to use spell-check and other helps provided to you in Word.

Third Assignment 

For this assignment I uploaded documents to read.

Review all the attached materials on  the Childhood Depression Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory.   In my experience these two instruments are used widely among child and  adult populations as screening measures for depression.  Respond to the  questions below in a discussion about these two assessments.


  1. What are your impressions about  the Beck Depression Inventory and the Childhood Depression Inventory  (CDI)?  Compare and contrast them in your discussion.  Be specific!

2.     What information was most valuable about the CDI profile  report?  What was most valuable in the descriptive information about the  Beck Depression Inventory?

3.     What impact did the research article about the predictive  validity of the CDI in terms of future Major Depressive Disorder have on  you as a future counselor?  Be specific in your responses to one  another.

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