Emotional ambivalence, good, or indifferent?

1). Emotional ambivalence, good, or indifferent?

Read the article below and explore any other material you would like to consult (including Nozick) and answer these questions. About 500 words total.

A. Do you agree with the conclusions and the use of scientific research in this article? Overall, do you believe one should aim to be less ambivalent over time, or to maintain or allow their current ambivalence to continue in life?

B. Is it possible or desirable to be ambivalent regarding your own happiness? Even if there are other parts of our life that it can add to, it might be that happiness is an exception that does not allow for ambivalence. If you are able to achieve it. On the other hand, since we are generally pretty ambivalent, perhaps we should include that in our conception of a happy life. How would ambivalence fit, if it all, in a happy life?

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