Essay about civil unrest in America beyond the 1992 riots and black lives matter movement.

The Los Angeles civil unrest of 1992 is considered the worst civil unrest in the United States. What are the root causes of civil unrest in America beyond the 1992 riots? Compare and contrast the social, economic, political and racial factors that contributed to the Los Angeles civil unrest of 1992 and the current protest movement of 2020. (Things to consider: group(s) involved, geographic setting(s), tactics/strategies, scope/scale of the protests, response to protests by law enforcement and the government) Have things changed since 1992? Discuss how the fatal police shootings of African Americans gave birth to the Black Lives Matter Movement. How is the movement of Black Lives Matter attempting to account for gender? Also, discuss the political stance/argument that the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting for and the overall significance of the Black Lives Matter movement other social groups in solidarity with the struggle for Black lives. Be sure to provide specific examples from books, documentaries, and lecture materials to support your point of view. In addition, please use at least two examples from lecture and two examples from readings. The readings include Ronald Takak’s book named A Different Mirror, chapter 3, 5, 16; and James Loewen’s book named Lies My Teacher Told Me, chapter 6, 10, 11, 12, 13. I will send you the lecture vedio later.

Your essay will be graded by how well you address the question and effectively integrate the lectures, reading assignments, and video materials. Please make your answers as clear as possible and provide specific examples to support your general statement.

other materials vedio link:

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