Ethics and animal testing

Project #2 ENG107 – Barry Devine, Spring 2016

Ethics and Bio-/Biomedical Engineering
Due date:
Friday, Feb 26: Submit via Blackboard by 10:00 p.m.
The Dalai Lama uses the complex ethical dilemma of genetic technologies to make his
argument about the necessity for an ethical/moral compass to guide us in relation to
knowledge and scientific discovery. As a class we have investigated two methods for
making Ethical decisions, Deontology and Consequentialism. In this paper you will use
one or both of these methods to determine and defend your ethical position on a current
Bioengineering or Biomedical Engineering technology that raises ethical issues.
Write a paper in which you:
– research a Bio-/Biomedical Engineering topic that raises ethical issues and extend
the Dalai Lama’s argument using your example of a technology or discovery that
demands a moral compass, taking the two Ethical Theories into consideration.
– OR – If you disagree with the Dalai Lama that a moral compass is necessary or
relevant to your chosen technology, explain why and how you came to this
decision using reliable sources to support your position.
– include at least one opposing argument from a reliable outside source that
demonstrates your critical thinking about the issue
In composing your essay consider the gap between moral reasoning and our technological
capacity. Is it necessary to limit our technology? If so, where do we draw the line
between what is acceptable and what is not?
In your paper, use direct quotes and/or paraphrases from the Dalai Lama’s essay and one
each of your supporting and opposing sources. You must provide a References page, and
follow proper APA citation methods.
1. 1,000 words (maximum of 1,100)
2. Double – spaced, with 1″ margins, typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font
3. Formatted correctly using APA guidelines
4. Minimum of 3 references (stronger papers will have more)
5. A 100-word Abstract summarizing your topic and argument.
Before you approach this paper, brainstorm the following:
Do all technologies raise ethical considerations?
How does your definition compare to or contrast with The Dalai Lama’s?
How do you know when you are acting in an unethical manner?
Is there a difference between justifying unethical actions and acting ethically?
Do you take responsibility for determining your own moral compass or do you follow

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