Evaluation of Corporate Ethics Policy

Following the corporate scandals that rocked the business world in the past ten to fifteen years, many companies have adopted corporate ethics policies in an effort to change the culture of their corporation or to set standards for their suppliers, in an attempt to ensure compliance with the fiduciary duties and legal responsibilities the employees have to the shareholders of the company. Your answer requires a minimum of one full page. Your response to each question requires a minimum of one full paragraph.
Review the ethics code or policy of ONE of the companies listed below and answer all of the following questions:
1) What are the key attributes of the policy? What ideals or key values is the company trying to accomplish?
2) Does the policy go far enough in attempting to foster a culture of ethics in that workplace? Explain your answer.
3) Does the policy state how the company plans to enforce their Code of Ethics? If not, what assumptions do you make as an employee, about the consequences of your behavior if you do not comply?
4) If you were part of the management team what two new topics or issues would you recommend as additions to the ethics policy?

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