explanation of how to facilitate learning strategies

The current workplace environment comprises four generations working together: Baby Boomers, Generation “X,” Generation “Y,” and Millenials.

Review the following scenario:

Our organization’s leaders of XYZ Company have concluded that our supervisors do not have the required skills to properly manage their people. We believe our current supervisors’ toolbox–such as web links of useful management information, and links to self-help apps, and so on–is not giving them the information they need (or at least maybe not in a format or layout that delivers the message). Our organization’s leaders recent surveyed our employees and discovered that 85% of our employees are unhappy with how they are supervised.

Complete the Learning Styles and Strategies Chart using the concept of differentiated instruction to.

  • Describe and reflect on the different learners and learning styles at XYZ Company based on research about the four generations in the workplace.
  • Identify the various learning styles of the generations and at least five learning strategies for each one of the learning styles.
  • Additionally, describe how you might differentiate instruction for the learning strategies you identify.

Write a 525- to 700-word memo in which you recommend two learning strategies for each of the four generations’ learning styles below. Include your rationale for recommending the learning strategies, an explanation of how to facilitate learning strategies, and an explanation of how to engage adult learners in training.

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