History – Versailles Peace Treaty

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The Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919 has been considered a major historical turning point in modern History. Yet, Historians debate what were those turning points or if anything really changed. You are to read the following Basic work by Harold Nicolson – a member of the British delegation to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 and compare it to the other work.
The first book that is required:
1. Peacemaking 1919 by Harold Nicolson You may buy this book by using this link:

Compare Nicolson to the other book:

2. The Economic Consequences of the Peace by John Maynard Keynes
You can buy this book by clicking Here:

Your paper should be divided approximately between
a) A summary of the works,
b) a critique of the books, and
c) placing the works within the historical context of the period in which they were written.

The following are some but not all of the questions your paper should try to answer.
1. What are the main theses of the book?
2. How are these theses presented in the book?
3. Is the book organized in a clear manner? Is the argument of the book logical?
4. What are the prejudices of the author?
5. How do these prejudices effect the authors view of the subject?
6. What are the authors conclusions? How does the authors own prejudices effect his conclusions?
7. How does the book relate to the times in which it is written?
8. What effect did the book have on historical interpretation of the subject?
9. Compare and Contrast the differing views of the Authors on the subject.

DO NOT write the review by just answering the above questions in a 1- 9 manner. It should be a well written and clearly organized paper. Footnotes and a bibliography are required. You need to do research and use several types of sources (i.e.) Books, articles etc.)not only internet sources. Your grade on the paper will depend on many factors including proper citation. You should use the University of Chicago style. You should use the Rampolla stylebook.

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