How do you believe america would be different had slaves been granted the 40 acres and a mule?

This weeks response was very interesting. It made me think a lot about modern times and how things are compared to how they are viewed by others. How do you believe america would be different had slaves been granted the 40 acres and a mule? I think alot of future generations of African Americans would be well off then modern times. I think that the temporary plan was good in thought but logistically would be a nightmare to actually follow through with on. What is your view on this? Do you believe the actions of Andrew Jackson left many former slaves locked in a systemic form of slavery? I believe he did. He didnt allow the former slaves any chance of advancement. Since they had no education and resources to be successful in America.If slaves had obtained the land they could have used it to be more wealthy. I dont believe this idea of former slaves owning land and being successful scared the whites in the south. Though slavery was over they former slaves were still slaves of the mind, without any resources of knowledge to advance themselves in a country that was not their own.  How do you believe society would be different today had all former slaves obtain and kept the land they were promised?

I understand their frustration completely. If I were put in the same position they were put in I do not know how I would feel. On one hand I would be frustrated because I was lied too and on the other hand I would be happy because at least I am a no longer a slave to an extent. Now I do have a question regarding the men that were free. Did they get compensated for being forced to work on the plantations they were just freed from?  Also, all those ex slaves who were never given their fair share of land, what happened to them? Were they also forced to work on the plantations? Share cropping sounds like a great idea for back then. So the only thing the former slaves would do is farm? Were they obligated to do anything else in exchange for payment?

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