How is a federal government different from a centralized government?

State and Local Finance

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  1. Review the documents for the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The Articles of Confederation established a weak central government and the Constitution established a strong central government. Provide at least three examples from each document to support your point of view. (4 points)

  1. In the film clip we watched from the movie 1776, Edmund Rutledge from South Carolina says that South Carolina is his country. What is the implication of that statement. Explain whether someone with that perspective would be more in favor of the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. (2 points)

  1. How is a federal government different from a centralized government? Discuss the advantages of each type. Be sure to identify at least two advantages of each. (3 points)

  1. Ronald Fisher says that because of diversity and mobility, it is important to study state and local governments. Explain what he means. Provide examples. (2 points)

  1. Richard Musgrave said there are three roles of government. Identify and explain them. Which role is usually considered the most important for state and local governments? Explain why. (4 points)

  1. Review Ronald Fisher’s paper “The State of State and Local Government Finance.” Fisher says there are five long term policy concerns for state and local governments. Identify and explain them. (5 points)

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