how to start the first half of this assignment

Scenario: You are the owner of Perigord Bakery, which is currently located in the city closest to where you live. You specialize in breads and sweets from many different countries and now have operations in six regions of the U.S. You realize the market has become saturated in the U.S. At a recent international trade show, you were surprised at how many requests you received to license or franchise your concept in other countries.

What you should be working on this week is Part One, Steps 1 through 3:

  • Step 1: Cultural Factors
    • Identify several cultural factors in the country you are pursuing that may affect market expansion of the baker
  • Step 2: Demographic Factors
    • Identify at least four (4) demographic factors in the country you are pursuing, such as education, the size, growth, density, and age of the population, etc


  • Step 3: Economic Factors
    • Identify these three economic factors in the country you are pursuing:
      • GDP per capita, GDP growth rate, and the unemployment rate in your chosen country.
    • Explain why these economic factors are opportunities or threats to entering this market based on the country you chose.
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