Human Development Discussion: Watch I Am Eleven"

this discussion will focus on just middle childhood and will center on the video you watched–“I Am Eleven.”

Answer the following questions (it is okay to just list some things if I do not ask for an explanation). Then, respond to at least 2 of your peers with a question or comment that builds on their post. In your original response, please be sure to answer all questions. In your response to your peer’s posts, it is fine if you comment on just one question, as long as you comment on at least 2 separate peers’ original posts. See the syllabus for grading rubric for discussion posts. As a reminder, posts and responses should be respectful.

(1) List 2-3 commonalities you noticed about 11-year-olds from diverse cultures. That is, in what ways were the children alike?

(2) List 2-3 things that made the 11-year-olds in the video unique from one another (other than the countries they live in).

(3) Why is it important to acknowledge both similarities and individual differences in development?

(4) How did the children describe themselves (provide 1 or 2 examples)? Did their descriptions map on well with what we would expect of children’s self-concepts and self-esteem for this age?

(5) People often describe 11-year-olds as being caught between childhood and adulthood. Based on the video, do you agree? Why or why not?

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