Human Resource Management Essay

How far do you agree with the view that raising wage rates is the only realistic,
long-term response for organisations facing skills shortages? Justify your answer.

2) Training departments are vulnerable to downsizing when organisations are
looking to cut costs. Critically debate, using examples, the business case for
individual and organisational development.

3) will gender discrimination at work and the gender pay gap ever be eliminated?
Evaluate the potential of legislative, societal and HR measures to reduce

4) ���Performance-related pay is fundamentally flawed.��� Discuss.

5) To what extent do you agree with the view that employment law effectively
balances the Interests of employers and employees? Justify your answer.

6) Why have trade unions seen so much of their membership and power decline in
recent years? What are the main consequences for HRM?

7) Discuss the suggestion that employers have been driven to promote flexible
working practices because of the preferences of employees. Draw on case study
examples in your answer.

8) How is HRM likely to differ in twenty years time? Justify your answer.

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