Individual International Report

1) Assessment Details

You are expected to undertake a major individual international report on a topic selected from the topics below. A word limit of 3,000 (excluding appendices) is set. You are required to choose a specific topic, and then research the academic and practitioner-based literature on that topic. You should illustrate the literature/theory with contemporary examples. It is recommended that in week 3 you submit to a plan/outline to your lecturer on how you will approach the topic with a specific research question. Research topics (select ONE only):

�� Discuss how the various economic, international trade, legal and technological factors assist or hinder Multi-National Corporations in entering new global or regional markets ��� you should seek to provide specific Multi-National Corporations examples to support your answer

��� Or ���

�� Select a developing country or related countries of your choice and discuss the cultural challenges that influence multinational operations ��� you should focus on both national and business culture. You should seek to provide specific Multi-National Corporations and/or Non-Governmental Organisations examples to support your answer

Students should note that these topics are very broad. It is an expectation that students should narrow the topic down in order to undertake a structured report.


Cullen, John.B. and Parboteeah, K. Praveen (2014). Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach, 6e, Cengage Learning, Mason, OH. ISBN-13: 978-285-09494-6

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