Industry and Market Analysis Research Essay

Context: Our business deals with the waste of old technology of cell phones and computers. The waste of these old technology products has become a forgotten recycling issue that will continue to affect our environment. So our mission as a company is to make the process of properly disposing and erasing technology as easy as possible, by becoming the middleman between Americans and recycling locations.

3 pages double spaced.
Use at least 4-5 outside sources.

This essay should contain 3 parts:

Description of the problem our business will address. Who is affected by it? In what ways? How severe are these effects?
List how the environment and people?s health is affected by the waste technology of cell phones and computers.
Give statistics that show the problem and the effects of it.
Who else, if anyone(for-profit, not-for profit, government), is addressing this problem. What are their approaches?

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