International Business Research Paper

A 12-15 page research paper (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference and bibliography) is required. You will select an aviation firm or aviation related firm operating in the international business environment. This will be prepared consistent with the current APA Publication Manual and will have a minimum of ten separate references (No Wiki?s or Pedia?s). This paper is due the last scheduled day of the course. A grading rubric is provided in the online course. The research paper is worth 40% of the final course grade. 80% of the research paper grade is based on content (the research and content sections of the grading rubric), and 20% of the research paper grade is based on format (the presentation, fluency and voice, and organization sections of the grading rubric).

In addition, this research paper will be prepared consistent with the following guidelines: 1. This serves as an introduction to the Research Paper. Introduce the various topics that will be addressed in the research paper. Identify the method(s) that will be used to collect the data for the topics and how that data will be evaluated. 2. There will be a brief discussion of the firm to include its principle goods and services, market share, geographic locations where it operates, and major competitors. 3. Evaluate the firm?s leadership and management philosophies. 4. Evaluate human resource management policies. This includes any recent labor disputes, the use of the local area labor market, and recruitment strategies. 5. Describe and discuss the organizational design and describe any marketing strategies for your firm. 6. Discuss how your firm manages cultural and ethical issues throughout the world. 7. Describe and analyze any recent or ongoing strategies related to global operations for your firm. Examples include expanding operations to other geographic areas, entry modes into markets, or strategies to increase market share for their goods or services. 8. Evaluates the companies? e-commerce initiatives and discuss whether or not these strategies have enhanced the growth of the firm. 9. Discuss the political environment for your firm and its effect on import/exports of the principal good or service. This discussion could include trade blocs, trade barriers and/or regional trade agreements.


10. The discussion should provide a brief summary of the previous sections and the conclusions you have reached. 11. Organize your research paper to logically flow and address all requirements. This research paper will be graded on both content and format. 12. As a separate attachment, submit a document that shows the page number(s) where the answers to requirements 1-10 can be found.

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