Life Cycle Costing

Continue the presentation started in the first module (order#81661975 and 81667556) by examining a third topic.
Include the following items in your presentation. (Use heading for Slide)
��� Distinguishing features of life cycle costing.
��� Advantages and disadvantages of life cycle costing.
��� Example(s).
SLP Assignment Expectations
Submit a PowerPoint presentation. A PowerPoint Presentation should have no more than six slides. Use words, tables, and graphs to make a succinct presentation. Do not write an essay/use billets. Document all sources (a minimum of three) and provide links at the end. It is acceptable to add another slide to list the sources.
Module 1 Tips
SLP1: Follow the bullet points. While responding to theory questions, please look beyond the generic websites such as Investopedia and Wikipedia. I encourage you use the university library and/or Google books. Credible references are required for a good grade.
* Note: Find sources to support your position, and then write billets in your own words. See attachment with complete assignment instructions.

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