Management of Major Programs

Q1. On well-managed programs, the operations and maintenance phase of the program life cycle usually:
a. is a large portion of the total effort
b. is a small portion of the total effort
c. entails heavy design work
d. entails heavy development work
Q2. If BCWP = $600, BCWS = $500, and ACWP = $900, what is cost variance?
a. -$300
b. -$100
c. $100
d. $300
Q3. 26. The principal function of business analysts on projects is:
a. to make a strong business case for the project
b. to bridge the business-technology gap when formulating requirements
c. to analyze market conditions so that he project can focus its attention on delivering products that meet a market need
d. play the lead role in tracking project finances
Q4. Current thinking in acquisition management holds that buyers should have contractors customize products as much as possible in order to address their specific, unique needs.
a. true
b. false
Q5. A common complaint about matrix management is that:
a. it often leads to cost overruns
b. project managers exercise little direct control over team members
c. it is too hierarchical
d. it puts too much power into the project manager���s hands

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