Marketing Plan for Birmingham Barge Trips

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You are asked to develop a Marketing Plan for Birmingham Barge Trips. The Marketing Plan should cover a period of two years. This should be presented in report format. The marketing audit part of the plan should be concise and insightful. As a guideline it should not exceed 1000 words (excluding headings, references and diagrams, but including any tables that you may choose to use) and should conclude with a SWOT analysis, which should briefly and succinctly summarize the strategically important issues for Birmingham Barge Trips. As a guideline, the remaining part of your marketing plan should not exceed 1500 words.

expected to use material in the case study extensively and also be aware of and take into account: –
1. Relevant information about contemporary events that may affect the industry from, for example, the quality newspapers
2. At a very limited level, issues and trends affecting the short trip and restaurant industries. This should be available from similar sources as (1) above and also from, for example, websites relating to boat trips. Note however, that the focus of this assignment is on your interpretation of information ? predominantly that in the case study – and not on the information itself. There is plenty of information in the case study and any research outside that should be extremely limited other than in respect of macro and micro environmental factors which may affect the industry (as per (1) above). Please do not invest much time on it ? this assessment is based on the process of application of theory to situations and not on research.

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