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Advance writing in business -Due June
This is the Internal Circulation report Memo

As you prepare your draft of the Report for Internal Circulation, it’s a good idea to make sure that you understand exactly what is expected in this document.

The Internal Circulation Report, even though it is to be written in memo format, is a more complex document than the previous memo that you wrote to the field manager.

This report is a type of “incident report”. (Examines the incident or error to record what happen, determine causes, explain effects, suggest solutions) Here is a useful description – as you watch this video, pay particular attention to the description of the incident report:

Key Forms of Business Reports
Once you have watched the video, take a look at your assignment. You may see it here:

WA #3 — the Report for Internal Circulation

Note the elements that your report memo must contain:

a) Background and narrative of the situation;
b) Findings what, went, wrong, and how;
c) As a result of the findings, recommendations for changes in policies or procedures to prevent the incident from occurring again.

Please Answer the following questions in a brief paragraph: separate from the memo internal circulation report

1)What is the most important element of this report? Please provide a minimum of 6 sentences.
2) Finding out what went wrong? Please provide a minimum of 6 sentences.

3)Making recommendations to prevent future occurrences? ? Please provide a minimum of 6 sentences.

2) How will you format your report (consult the options offered in the directions for this assignment to answer this question)? ? Please provide a minimum of 6 sentences.

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