Non-Resident Indians in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Academic Essay

This essay is for a Global Bollywood module. The paper needs to discuss the representation of non-resident Indians in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. It is very important to ���demonstrate an understanding of the transformation of Hindi film culture associated with globalization��� and ���demonstrate an understanding of the critical debates relevant for analysing Hindi film culture in relation to globalization���. Those 2 things are a must. The writer needs to discuss Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and the representation of non-resident characters/lifestyles in it. The writer should consider how these relate to and reflect the globalization of Bollywood cinema in the 21st Century.
Regarding the non-resident characters the writer could focus on the relationships and marriage aspect of the movie linking it to globalization and the things I have mentioned above. The write can mention the lifestyles, language, the way they dress, etc.
After writing the paper the writer can put a title that reflects the content of the discussion but then think about some questions with which to organize the discussion, ���how��� and ���why��� style questions.
The essay requires careful and critical engagement with relevant scholarship and needs coherent textual analysis of the films to fulfill the module learning outcomes.
The writer should include a few quotations and in-text reference. The writer needs to make sure all the in-text referencing and the bibliography is correct in Harvard referencing.
The writer should offer coherent textual analysis of the chosen film and should organize the points so as to present an argument that develops logically. The writer needs to structure and plan the essay properly to avoid waffle, repetition and generalization.

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