Nursing Theorist-Virginia Henderson – Need Theory

Virginia Henderson – Need Theory

  1. Analyze, critique and evaluate the theoretical foundation for your selected theory.
  2. As applicable, integrate any other theories or concepts that are in the course and/or reading assignments.
  3. Discuss how this theory will affect your role as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), your clinical practice, and its impact on healthcare outcomes.
  4. Include a minimum of five references from peer-reviewed articles. References in research and scholarly papers should not be older than five years.
  5. Utilize Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins on all four sides, and double spaced.
  6. Content – logical and organized presentation of selected theory and subject matter
  7. Clarity – ability to concisely and clearly express complex issues in paper
  8. Research – provides evidence based and peer-reviewed studies, proof or supporting items (studies, reproducible, etc.) to justify arguments, statements
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