Organization Website Review

Select either an international service organization or a multinational corporation and conduct a preliminary assessment of their website.
In your review:
Explain your initial impression of the organization based upon your initial review of their corporate website.
Analyze their Vision, Mission and Goals in reference to the company���s competitive strategy, branding and messaging
Analyze the company���s strategic approach to globalization and their approach to competition, sustainability, CSR, marketing, analysis (external, internal, industry), and cross border issues
Examine the company���s financials included in their most recent annual report and review the profit margin statement from the CEO. What conclusions can you draw from their financial statements?
Evaluate the firm���s Corporate Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. What expectations are presented in the policy? Explain the tangibility of the company���s policies
Include an organizational assessment using SWOT or Porter���s Five Forces
Explain the company���s capacity to be able to fulfill strategic missions while increasing profit margin
Include an Introduction and Summary statement in your review.

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