Organizational leaders


In this week, you will develop your own theory of adult learning, and create a PowerPoint Presentation to share with organizational leaders highlighting your theory. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Explain how your theory will enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Evaluate if the adult learner is a “neglected species”
  • Summarize strategies to overcome barriers to adult learning.

Length: 10-15 slides, with additional talking points.
References: minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

Tip: You can get help using PowerPoint “Notes” through the “help” function of PowerPoint. If you save the presentation as a webpage, your notes automatically display. Your notes can fill the role of the speaker, giving your audience the background and details that a speaker would provide during a live presentation.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Theory Presentation

For appropriate educational practices to be employed when working with adult learners, it is critical to develop a theory of adult learning. Here is the foundation for a possible working theory of adult learning:

  • Realistic goals and objective must be set for adults to develop real-world experience.
  • It is important for educators to activate prior knowledge when working with adults to instill confidence in the learning process.
  • Adult learners should be afforded many opportunities to apply new knowledge in professional settings.
  • Substantive feedback should be provided for any assignments submitted in the adult classroom.
  • Learning should be scaffolded to allow adults to move toward higher ordered thinking tasks.
  • Diversity should be emphasized to celebrate the rich professional and personal experiences adult learners bring to the educational setting.

Assignment Preparation

  1. Please review all Books and Resources for this week.
  2. Review APA Form and Style.
  3. Use the Northcentral University Library and or other resources you may find helpful to research more detail regarding this week’s topic.
  4. Review Creating a Successful PowerPoint Presentation.


Falasca, M. (2011). Barriers to adult learning: Bridging the gap.  (attached)

O’Toole, S., & Essex, B. (2012). The adult learner may really be a neglected species. (attached)

Knowles, M. S., Swanson, R. A., & Holton, E. F. (2011) The adult learner: The definitive classic in adult education and human resource development.–chapter 5,6



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