Outliers Essay

Outliers Essay
Choose ONE of the following.
In accordance with essay conventions, compose a comprehensive, analytical response to the prompt you choose.
MLA Format: Include a complete MLA heading with a header; double space; and type in Times New Roman, 12 point font.
You must have an introduction with a clear thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Be sure to clearly state your claims and arguments and provide sufficient effective support coming from the book, class discussion, and your insight.
When providing evidence from the book, paragraph or summarize, and when you quote directly, provide the page number in parenthetical citations.
Proofread Carefully: This is your final essay of the year and must demonstrate strong mechanical and grammatical skills and sophisticated and appropriate diction.
Submit to www.turnitin.com. Any paper not submitted to turnitin.com will receive a 50/100.
Due Date: May 29, 2020; students must submit to the Google Classroom assignment: Outliers Essay.

Analyze to what degree people can determine their own success, given that time of birth, socio-economic status, and culture are all factors that affect chances for success.
Evaluate Gladwell’s thesis, logic, and evidence and write an essay in which you assess whether or not his argument is sound.
Discuss the American cultural legacy of independence and individualism and how it affects the notions of success that Americans have.
Discuss how the system by which you have been educated has benefited you or hindered your chances at success. What are important aspects of this system that should remain and what changes would you make if you could?

Your grade will be based on the following:
sufficient, accurate, appropriate, insightful ideas, information, and discussion
all information comes from personal insight, class discussion, supplemental material provided by the teacher, and Outliers.
strong diction and grammar
logical and easy to follow
good use of transitions between and within paragraphs
repetitions are used to emphasize points
avoid redundant statements and ineffective repetitions
provides a clear thesis and develops it throughout
clearly responds to the chosen prompt
each paragraph focuses on one clear topic
Grammar and Mechanics
proofread carefully
avoid careless errors
presented professionally

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