persuasive memo

Content Requirements:
• Select a for-profit company’s headquarters.
• Select an issue local to the company’s location (headquarters) that will logically connect to your chosen organization in some way.
• Find the name of the person(s) responsible for CSR policies at your chosen organization. This is your memo audience/recipient, and you should consider this person your boss for this assignment. NOTE: Consider this information common knowledge; there is no need to cite it.
• Describe the proposed CSR program.
o How will the program operate?
o How will the program be implemented?
o What will make it low or no cost? Use research.
o How will the program address the community issue?
o How will the program benefit the company?

This draft should be at least the first three paragraphs of your paper (introduction and first two body paragraphs); however, the more you offer at this stage, the more feedback you will be able to receive. To make sure you are on the right track this draft will be reviewed by your peers.

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