PL 101

Instructions: Respond to one of the following prompts in a short paper of no more than 3 pages. Your paper must include at least 2 citations from the primary text to receive full credit. For questions about the proper rules of citation, please consult either a librarian or myself. Please be advised that no late papers will be accepted; your paper must be on my desk in class on the specified due date.


Please be advised that the writing guidelines for this assignment are the same as those for writing assignment #1. For questions about these guidelines, please refer to the first writing assignment.



  1. Locke tells us that in the “reception of simple ideas the understanding is most of all passive” (Locke 1823, 327). Why does Locke believe that human understanding is passive in regard to the creation of ideas?


  1. Both Locke and Descartes turn to the faculty of the will to explain human freedom. Explain Locke’s account of liberty and demonstrate why this account, unlike Descartes’, is not metaphysical in nature.
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