Politically incorrect: Black hair's new attitude, 1980-1994

Ch. 5 Politically Incorrect: Black Hair?s New Attitude, 1980-1994 Due Sunday Nov. 26, 2016 (Two pages, double-spaced 12 pt font) Part I (pp. 99-102) Why were so many upset by Bo Derek getting braids? Why not accept this as an example of the White community reaching out to become more multicultural by embracing Black beauty standards? Where do you stand on this issue? Be sure to discuss the issues fully in your answer with examples from the chapter. Part II (pp. 102-106) Under Attack: Braids in the Workplace According to Yvonne M. Simmons, an African American business education teacher: ?I see very little difference between a punk cut, purple hair, dredlocs or braids. They are all extreme hairstyles that don?t belong in the office.? (p.105) Based on what you read about this debate in the section: what is your view? Use two examples in this section to support your view. Since many employers were not allowing any women to wear braids in the workplace how could Black women say it was discriminatory? What did the Equal Opportunity Employment Commisssion (EEOC) rule and why? Do you agree or disagree with this position? Explain why. Part III Unbeweavable! (pp. 117-120) Do you think the emergence of supermodels of all races in the eighties was a step forward in terms of a more multicultural beauty standard? Based on what you read in this section what is your view? Use examples from the reading in your answer. Terms to consider: Commodification and cultural appropriation of hairstyles Aesthetic choices The politics of Black Hair Depoliticization of Black hairstyles The meanings behind ?Black? and ?White? hair as well as skin tone and facial features

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