Post in your Journal a description of a human services program with which you are familiar.

Journal: Grant Funding

Resource development is a major responsibility for human services administrators. Identifying sources of funding for a particular program is an essential part of resource development. Grants are one of a variety of sources from which human services organizations draw funding for programs. If you search the Internet, you are likely to find plenty of information about a variety of available grants. Federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as private entities, such as foundations and corporations, offer grants. Search the Internet for available grants and identify one grant to use for this Journal Assignment. Think about human services programs for which this grant might be beneficial.

Post in your Journal a description of a human services program with which you are familiar. Next, post a link for the grant you identified. Explain why you believe this grant would be beneficial to the program, and how. Finally, share an insight you had or a conclusion you drew about identifying available grants.

Suggested length: approximately 250–500 words (1–2 pages).


Learning Resources

Required Readings

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