Provide your thoughts about the fundamental strategic issues facing the industry in which your organization exists.

Company: Total Life Changes 

Industry: Health & Wellness Industry

Company Website:

Word Count: 700 words

Due: Saturday July 8th 8:00pm




Provide your thoughts about the fundamental strategic issues facing the industry in which your organization exists. Compare the performance of your company against the industry within which it operates using“Interactive chart” “Comparison” tool) if you are in a publically listed company or use a similar publically listed company or some other performance measure if you are not. Additional resources are available for those interested in learning more about performance factors for Government and Non-profit sectors. Please cover the following questions in your response.

Industry Perspective

1                    Do some industries have better evolution of the stock value than others? Why? Search for your organization or a similar one and compare its evolution for the longest possible period to the main stock indicators (Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500) and competitive firms.

2                    Do some industries have inherently better profitability, growth and market value than others? Identify common key performance indicators used within your industry. Compare for your firm these key factors.

3                    What effect do different industries have on one another’s overall performance? Provide arguments and examples to justify your response.

            Company Perspective

1                    Is your organization performing well against the others in its industry? Provide arguments and examples to justify your response.

2                    What factors explain the differences in company performance in the same industry?

3                    How can some companies in poorly performing industries still do well?

            Note: If you work in government or in a non-profit organization, you may pick a company that your organization contracts with for this exercise. However, we do encourage you to try to apply business strategy concepts to your organization if you can. Below are some of the websites you may find useful on the government and nonprofit environment: 
The IBM Center for The Business of Government –
Defense Business Board –
Bridgespan Group: Nonprofit related topics –


Recommended Sources:


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