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non-traditional international student who’s applying for an Ivy League University in the United States of America. I,m a 26 years old professional. I’ve been working since the age of 14 years old. This resulted in a poor GPA in high school. For the lack of educational choices in Saudi Arabia, I couldn’t Join any University or a high education school at that time. Financial situation was not the reason why I had to work from an early age, It was a psychological reason as at that time I just wanted to escape some problems I was facing such as Parental divorce, as my parents got divorced when I was 5 years old, yet they kept fighting about the custody in courts for almost 10 years after that. For having this life style, I had become a very successful business man from an early young age after high school graduation. I was financially fully independent on my self. I had purchase my home even before any of my parents had own their own homes. I will submit my professional CV with this order for more information about myself that would be very helpful for you to use. My father had another 2 failed marriages thus I found myself the oldest of 8 siblings, 3 of them are my sisters from the same parents, the rest of them are have siblings. From an early age I had to look after my siblings as I’ve always wanted them to have a better childhood than the one I had. My parents were both excellent educated people. My father used to work as a Precision instruments Engineer for the General Establishment for Water Desalination in Saudi Arabia for 27 years. My mother on the other hand is working as a Radiologist consultant up to date. Academically my mother is a really smart person. She had finished elementary school in 3 years instead of 6. She started to educate me reading and writing from an early age of 3. for this, since I started my kindergarten until almost 9th grade I was always to top of my class with a really high grades, things changed in high school as I mentioned earlier. For the lack os psychological counseling in Saudi Arabia at that time, I’ve always been reading a lot in that subject. this made me very interested in to pursue a degree in Psychology. I see myself acquiring a lot of information in psychology more than some of my friends who have already obtained degrees in this major. I have seen myself changing through out the years. I used to be a person with no confident in myself at all, however I really did work hard in myself to be a successful person and be the person I am today. When I was 24 almost 2 years ago, I moved to america to study english as a second language. I attended the IELP Program in Temple University in Philadelphia for 1 year and a half. During my time in Temple, I showed a an excellent leadership skills as I used to be involved in a lot of volunteering activities as mentioned in my CV. Also the fact that I’m an older student most than my classmates, I was always providing help in counseling weather an educational or life counseling. I always like to use my life experience and my knowledge to help people to achieve the most of them. Also, I am very interested in political science. The political situation in the middle east have always made me fully aware of politics. 2 of my grandfathers were working for the diplomatic sector in Saudi Arabia, in fact, one of them worked as an ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan. During my late teenage and up to now, I have read a lot of books in Psychology, Philosophy, Political science and Theology. I know I wrote a lot of negativity about my life, however, I would love to contribute the most about my success. I’m sorry for my writing style here as I’m just throwing some words.

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